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Building capabilities for Sustainable Performance

I came across this performance improvement document online a few years ago which I thought framed the ideas quite well, it was on the ISPI site and I believe it was by Lynn Kearny. I however also recently read the book “Performance Architecture” by Kearny, Lynn,  Haig, Carol and Addison, Roger. I built some of my recent

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A different take on design of learning solutions

In the spirit of starting with the end in mind, I tend to approach learning solution design with some themes. These themes serve as high level objectives based on target audience. A summary of these objectives are presented below: Engagement and performance of individuals with a focus on personal growth and professional mastery Engagement and

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Shifting the focus of Organisational Learning and Development Solutions

“What’s important is not what you are doing but why you are doing it because that determines how you do it.” – dehumob Results are achieved by doing something well enough to overcome any contextual obstacles presented by the environment. In other words, results are achieved when chosen actions are executed with a proficiency level

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