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Is hiring done in a way that’s discouraging learning behavior?

I was reflecting on the way we approach hiring people in to a role. In the spirit of role fitness and appropriateness, we focus so much energy and time on validating performance readiness such that the applicants’ approach to securing the role is to demonstrate as convincingly as possible that “They are ready and can

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Rethinking the role of the learning function

The alignment of job design with performance management and talent management in relation to corporate strategy for success creates the right conditions for the full capacity and evolutionary potential of every employee to be fully available to any organisation to which the employees belongs.

Organisational structure as an explicit representation of organisational core capabilities

If 4 people start an Organisation, each with unique specialist skills, then one would say each person helps their Organisation achieve the necessary goals related to their areas of expertise by doing what they do best on behalf of the other 3. Their capability directly implies the organisation’s capability. When the Organisation requires new capabilities

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Why technology is bringing humanness back to work

For years, advances in science have constantly challenged and pushed the boundaries of what was deemed possible for a human being. In the realm of commercial enterprise and industry we have moved consistently from augmentation of capacity and capability in one form of another to outright elimination of the need for humans to do certain

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Evolving Expectations of the Human at Work

My perspective of work I must say is a little different from most given I jumbled up the typical trajectory of primary, secondary, university education and then first job, second job, etc. With this back drop and in my interaction with working adults, I am always curious how many people like their jobs and find

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On the job learning

I think on the job training as a term should be retired as it suggests training interventions embedded within the work cycle. Don’t get me wrong, like teaching, there is much value to be had from embedding training in the work flow, however, training is formal and for all intents and purposes, artificial. Learning is

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Undiscovered experts

Everyone is equipped to make a difference. Everyone is an expert. Everyone has something that is unique to them wherever they are and people around them need it. I believe by the time a person is in their late 20s or early 30s, they are already experts in something by virtue of their experiences, how

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Designing Learning

My approach to learning design You need the knowledge in digestable chunks and appropriate format You need a concrete experience that simulates situations that could call for the use of the knowledge but starting from the framing or assessing the situation and not directly going to a defined knowledge application situation A sequence of learning

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