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Learning and Development in HR – Enabling Meaning in Jobs

Learning and development behavior of employees in organizations exists as part of the experience of meaningful jobs. Jobs are meaningful either because they were created, communicated and managed meaningfully or the incumbent finds the meaning in the role on their own. Meaningful jobs by default motivate continuing development. I think the practice of learning and

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Performance, Learning, Talent in an Organizational Context

This is an introduction to 3 posts that I am writing to expound upon my interpretation of the performance architecture as a foundation to discuss the 4 HR practices In the subsequent posts, I will explore each of the HR practices using the principles of the performance architecture as a foundation.  These series of posts

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Is hiring done in a way that’s discouraging learning behavior?

I was reflecting on the way we approach hiring people in to a role. In the spirit of role fitness and appropriateness, we focus so much energy and time on validating performance readiness such that the applicants’ approach to securing the role is to demonstrate as convincingly as possible that “They are ready and can

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