Over 18 years as a professional, I’ve come to realize that my interest and passion are specifically in the learning and talent development area of people, performance, potential, and possibilities. I love to ideate, create, and anticipate the impact of strategies and solutions that didn’t exist previously to what currently does; rethinking and pushing the boundaries of that which is often taken for granted; being an enabler and a driving force for change, and not simply observing or responding to it.

I have found that my curiosity compliments my desire to pursue effective human-centered solutions that drive necessary changes in practices, behavior and related capabilities. This has allowed me to develop a rather rich professional background and diverse set of specialist skills in creative media production; technology; education; organizational development; training design, development and delivery; learning and performance support; talent and leadership development; as well as a strong capability and behavior-centered view of performance management and job design. These have been passionately and purposefully built over 18 years, enriched further by multicultural experiences drawn from working in different continents and countries across Asia-Pacific, EMEA, and North America.

The cumulative effect of these experiences has given me a perspective of people, organizations and the world of work that is unique, one which I’ve come to truly cherish.

I believe we currently have a lot of under-leveraged knowledge and insights into organizations, people, jobs, leadership, management, capabilities, behavior, performance, etc., where I see real opportunities to outperform is integrated execution – how do we ensure that all our activities across units and functions are working effectively together to result in a collective impact greater than the sum of the parts? At the moment, I oftentimes see and read about how different, possibly brilliant, individual people products and practices within the same organization cancel the potential positive effects of one and another for lack of alignment and coordinated execution, often due to the lack of guidance from an integrated and synergistic vision. This is what really interests me now; not simply the perfection of the individual people products and practices but the alignment and integration of all systems of people products and services.