Thinking about your career

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Thinking about your career

Don’t make your career goals about a job you want, instead focus on the type of value you want to bring, the type of results you want to achieve and the type of activities you like to engage in. Seek these out in whatever jobs at whatever level. 

The following 30-second clips provide a quick overview of some ideas related to the roles people play and finding the meaning in any job. 

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What type of professional do you want to be by the time you retire?

Sometimes we are so focused on earning a living we forget to live. Considering we spend most of our adult life at work or thinking about work, finding the meaning in what we do is important. This can’t happen unless we stop once a in a while to think and reflect on what we’ve done so far, what value we’ve delivered and from that think about what value we seek to deliver going forward and as a result what we could be doing or seeking to do. 

Focus on the value you want to bring and the results that enable that value

It is easy to focus on what you do when you should be focusing on why you are doing it. Regardless of the activities that make up the role you are in, you have the ability to decide the results and value you can and want to achieve with those activities. It is in these values and results that the activities find their meaning. 

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​Your effort follows your will, your will follows the value your desire so educate yourself on value

You will only invest effort in a purpose that means something to you. If you do not know or understand the types of results and potential value associated with whatever activities and context you are engaged in, it is possible for you to miss the meaning in what you are doing. The result will be a lack of will to invest effort.

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​Every role has a huge developmental value, identify and embrace it

Sometimes when we approach new roles, we spend so much convincing the hiring team that we can do the job such that when we get the job, it is almost impossible to admit we need learning and developmental support. The hiring team also approaches this processes as though they can find someone who can walk into the role and deliver results without any or much support. This is false. The one value every job experience has is the ability to drive development and growth in the job holder. However, this only happens if the job holder embraces the meaning in the job and embraces the true developmental value of the experience. 

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