Performance, Learning, Talent in an Organizational Context

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This is an introduction to 3 posts that I am writing to expound upon my interpretation of the performance architecture as a foundation to discuss the 4 HR practices


In the subsequent posts, I will explore each of the HR practices using the principles of the performance architecture as a foundation. 

These series of posts are based on an adaptation of this systems model from performance technology. The posts are based on an adaptation of this organizational application of the framework to human behaviour within an organization

hpt_system view of organisations

Systems model. An HPT system view of organizations
Addison, R. M., & Haig, C. (2006). The performance architect’s essential guide to the performance technology landscape. Performance Improvement, 45(10), 38-47 

I explore what this framework says about human behaviour and how to influence the behaviour of employees within organizations

The unit of analysis throughout these pieces is human activity, specifically human action – what we DO? 

When you ask someone about their job, you invariably ask – what do you DO for a living?  

Given that behaviour and culture are both about what people DO, it made sense to focus on activity.


The framework then takes a deeper look at the role capability as a complete activity system on its own – learning and development activity system.


This framework is explored detail with examples in the related posts.

This post also appears on DTB Services – Our Ideas


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