Undiscovered experts

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Everyone is equipped to make a difference. Everyone is an expert. Everyone has something that is unique to them wherever they are and people around them need it.

I believe by the time a person is in their late 20s or early 30s, they are already experts in something by virtue of their experiences, how they consistently or inconsistently react to it and the fact that they are still alive!

The problem comes when we fail to to look inward but concentrate on looking outside ourselves for what that expertise is e.g. School, certificates, etc rather than within ourselves. These are imprtant but only because they augment and validate that which already exists within. Where this is not the case, frustration and lack of contentment result.

The accumulation of information and experience does not immediately create expertise, but constant reflection and review to consolidate what is being accumulated will definitely reveal the unique expertise that we are unknowingly cultivating.

Most people fail in this art of reflection and because of this, we lose the benefit of their expert opinion in the world.

All in all, the world will be a different place if more people followed their convictions and stayed true to themselves. If we spend a little more time endorsing individuality rather than enforcing uniformity, if we encouraged opinion more so more people will at least try to articulate theirs…. If…

But first, get to know yourself and don’t be afraid at what you might find. Wade through the illusions and delusions and you’ll find the treasure that is the secret to your existence. The seeds to your contribution to evolving a different world. Do not be afraid. Fear not.

“the word is nigh thee even in thy heart…”

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  1. Well said.

    I think we need both uniformity and individuality. After all, human beings live with each other. But just that currently societies tend to go too much for uniformity rather than individuality. It is clear when we look at the education systems, especially in Asia.

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