Designing Learning

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My approach to learning design

You need the knowledge in digestable chunks and appropriate format

You need a concrete experience that simulates situations that could call for the use of the knowledge but starting from the framing or assessing the situation and not directly going to a defined knowledge application situation

A sequence of learning and applying that permits learners to progressively build an awareness of how they are

reading the situations and applying their knowledge,

what knowledge they have and can apply,

what they realize they don’t have and need to seek out

A clear process with checkpoints for learners to concretely become aware of how far they have come over time

Now even though I use knowledge to refer to both knowledge an skills in the above, I view skills as a form of packaged application of knowledge i.e. Self-standing largely situation-independent but one step ahead of knowledge in the direction of situational application. Using a computer is a skill u can learn without actually using it for anything in particular.

I’ll stop here.

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