I don’t know what I Know

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I know what i should be able to remember but i don’t know what i know until i have to do something.

It is the need to act that reveals what i know for in acting do i seek to remember previous actions, construct new actions using the memory of previous actions or create new actions with no recourse or conscious reference to previous actions.

Knowledge thus becomes relevant only in the context of my present circumstances and situation.

for that which i can remember, i know that i know

that which i can construct, i know from what i build and for what i build

but that which i create, i know not from what or for what until such a time as i know in that moment does it all come together.

This is the mystery of knowledge.

School, education, training and learning has always been about acquiring knowledge. But knowledge is not to be acquired. on the contrary, knowledge is to be made manifest through actions.

We are provided with memorable stuff like information and processes. we remember patterns and relationships. it is with these that we are able to repeat actions and even automatize actions. But in these, we merely remember and recall. At best we adapt through substitution, through direct or analogical transposition (tranposition based on analogical relationship). with these we merely demonstrate that we know what we should be able to remember.

Knowledge is demonstrated from the first action initiated in the context of environmental stimulus. from the types of thinking activated to the series of actions executed, knowledge is continuously being demonstrated.

The days of activating ‘remembering’ are slowly fading away. for the need to remember is being replaced by the need to associate.  Remembering searches for something, Browsing looks for anything. Remembering finds something, browsing discovers relationships and patterns. Remembering offers one solution, browsing presents multiple possibilities.

For information that needed to be at the tip of our tongue is now at the tip of our fingers. To remember is no longer an achievement, rather to find a worthwhile application, to be able to locate and effectively associate what is available  with what is required in order to to achieve a desired objective, that is the goal of modern education.

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