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The evening skies overshadow the tears
The morning doth dry them of
Surely, as dusk will fall, my tears will fall
And as dawn will come, my tears will dry

A day in this life is a day of tests
A test, a chance for another step forward
A step forwards calls for an act of will
An act of will calls for a decision. Can you make one?

The tears run like streams in the desert island of my loneliness
The saltiness sweetens my sadness with little snuffs and sniffs
Surely this is not the end, my tears will stop
And as dawn will come, my sight will be restored

A friend could serve the words brother
A brother could serve the words hate
A wife could serve the word sorrow
A sister could just be a friend

The tears are drawn from questions, questions without answers
The tears will stop when the questions stop, or when the answers come
Surely you realize the thoughts ring very deep that trouble my soul
And as dawn comes I no longer write these words to you

A day will come when all is done and over with
What is left is stared at with contempt, pleasure or regret
A word called consequences swings both ways
And sometimes we wonder what to do…?

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